IMG_1677 Our youngest son (the one with he walrus on his back. He loves walruses) asked me to post his first animation on my blog. He’s never asked anything like that before, so of course I’m more than happy to share it with you. He’s pretty proud of it and I have to admit I was pretty blown away by it too (and for a couple of reasons). He built a model of himself wearing his purple dragon onzie in Voxel Critter Creator. Then he animated it. After animating it he noticed the legs just popped back and forth. Which led to his decision to add grass, so it looked like his character was walking. No one helped him he just figured it out! True, he’s inherited his techie genes from his dad. Technology makes logical sense to them. Watching him do this has inspired me. To see it click here (you have to turn on the animation button and click play.) He’s now,without even flinching, teaching himself Qubicle!



As you know, I’m registered and have been working on the first module of The Art and Business of Design. It of course has been great fun! The drawing parts I’m keen to jump into… I don’t even check the temperature of the water-GERONIMO!! Splash! Thursdays are another deal all together. Thursdays are Photoshop and Illustrator days. Those days, I read the info, take a break, read again, I try it, get stuck, try it again, get stuck, take a break, try again, get stuck, get stuck , get stuck… call my husband… oh, I get it, and finally it works!

I’ve always been cautious when learning computer-y things. In fact, thinking back, just a few short years ago I only used the computer to check email once in a while. I feel proud of how far I’ve come… but I know for this journey I’ve got a ways to go. However, seeing my son take things in stride, it’s given me a big oomph in my step!!

Oh and other interesting thing I discovered via my class Replix. It’s an app that is SOOOoo much fun. Here are some photos we… well, my son made.


Hey I downloaded the program at least! ;)


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Diptych-A work made up of two matching parts.


When I first sat with Krista’s fabric stash I didn’t have to spend too long on the composition. Right away I started stacking the fabric, I knew immediately I wanted to try a diptych. In the end I made two from her stash. This is the first one.

The drawing on the right is called, “Up, up…” The drawing on the left is called, “…And Away”

Side Lysa Mair-3390

Both were drawn on wood canvases, 2″ deep, my standard M.O. Each drawing is finished with a ribbon hanger along with a story about the stash. I believe backs should be considered just as much as the front, don’t you?

back Lysa Mair-3401back Lysa Mair-3482

“Up, up…” Measures 9″ high and 12″ deep. “…And Away” measures 12″ high and 12″wide.

split detail Lysa Mair-3391

*psst* you want to know a secret?… This is one of my favourites… shh! Don’t tell the other drawings.

detail C H Lysa Mair-3395D C H Lysa Mair-3408 detail Lysa Mair-3419

UPDATE: My year of living “Fearlessly“: I’ve started my course of Make it in Design. There have been many deep breaths, a few brief pauses, followed by throwing caution to the wind plunges! I bob from knowing what I’m doing to, woe I need to swim back to shore now. They do encourage us to take things at our own pace but of course I don’t want to get behind either. Yup, there’s been a lot of concentration on balance. I’m working out the kinks with our schedules and balancing social media VS. drawing/making. All in all, so far so good.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to but you’re not on Instagram (Hana-tease, tease), or Facebook (Hana-tease, tease!) you can just click on those two links to take a peek. My friend Hana has been requesting updates on what I’m up to but she isn’t on any social media. I love to see when she uses her cel phone… the flip top makes me giggle and I love her for it!

detail  Lysa Mair-3408

Thanks so much for popping by!

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